Classrooms and lecture halls

Room 1131 Lecture Hall

Room 1131 seats 44 in fixed theatre seats with both fluorescent and adjustable level lighting. There is a 4'x16' chalkboard, a small grand piano and audio playback equipment.

1400 classrooms

Rooms 1401, 1402, 1403, and 1404 seat 30 in movable desk/chairs. The flat wooden floor in these rooms allows a variety of rehearsal configurations. These classrooms accommodate chamber music coachings, classes, lectures and receptions.

Room 1133 Lecture Hall

Room 1133 seats 66 in fixed theatre seats.   An acoustically contoured ceiling, theatrical lighting, and a stage wall with adjustable absorption make it well-suited for recitals, as does its warm color scheme and wood accents reminiscent of the larger performance halls.  A complete audio playback and video projection system support larger classes and lectures.   Finale software and a MIDI keyboard allow for real-time demonstration in classes.

A new color scheme and wall sconces recall our other performance spaces, and a generous use of wood adds warmth and acoustical reflection.   A totally new system allows theatrical-style lighting for recitals and provides brighter, energy-efficient overhead lighting for classes.   A redesign of the entire platform area includes a new, acoustically contoured "shell" ceiling, a wood stage wall with an acoustically transparent scrim to cover the chalkboard for concerts, a motorized projection screen, a lighted chalkboard, and a newly refinished hardwood floor.   A new wood floor replaces the old gray carpet in the seating area and makes the room sound much more live.  The final touch is a set of wood-finished acoustical diffuser panels on the back wall.

Room 1705 conference room and classroom

Room 1705 is a conference room with a large table and seating for twelve. All classrooms have a small grand piano, chalkboards, and audio playback equipment.