Duncan Recital Hall

Duncan Recital Hall easily accommodates most all student and faculty recitals, lecture recitals, guest speakers, and masterclasses.

Duncan Recital Hall, located inside Alice Pratt Brown Hall, is the busiest and most sought-after venue at the Shepherd School. Its classical proportions, inspired by Stude Concert Hall but on a smaller scale, give it excellent acoustics for solo recitals and chamber music concerts.

Shepherd School students perform approximately 250 free recitals here each academic year. Other major local performing-arts organizations present chamber music concerts and lectures.

Before the opening of Alice Pratt Brown Hall in 1991, most student recitals were held on campus at the T.W. Bonner Nuclear Laboratories Building. One of the original Shepherd School faculty members, Professor of Music Anne Schnoebelen recalls, "We used to joke that we didn't have to turn on the lights because everybody would just glow in the dark." You are sure to enjoy any performance in Duncan Recital Hall.

Many enthusiastic classical-music devotees attend several recitals per week, drawn by the informal atmosphere, the collegial relations of the members of Rice community, and the free admission for most events.