Master of Music in Horn Performance

William VerMeulen, horn


Online Preliminary Submission by December 1, 2016
The video submission should be recorded so that all orchestral excerpts are played in succession in any order you wish without stopping the recording or editing. Solos may be pre-recorded.

The green icon labeled "Preliminary Dropbox" at the bottom of this page will lead you to the Rice University portal for Acceptd, an online repository for preliminary audition materials. There is a $24 fee to use this service.

Required preliminary repertoire is by video submission

1. Exposition of Mozart Concerto No. 4
2. Contrasting solo of applicant's choice
3. Orchestral Excerpts:
Strauss Till Eulenspiegel (opening horn solo in first horn part)
Ravel Pavane pour une infante défunte (opening horn solo in first horn part)
Mahler Symphony No. 1, movement 3 (#13 -#15 in second horn)
Beethoven Symphony No. 7, movement 1 (m. 84-102 in first horn part)
Shostakovich Symphony No. 5, movement 1 (#17- #22 in first horn part).

For copies of the above orchestral excerpts, please send your name and intended degree program to Geoffrey Scott.

Required graduate live audition repertoire

1. Be prepared to play two contrasting solos of your choice (examples: Mozart No. 2 or No. 4 contrasted with a Strauss concerto)
2. Prepare excerpts which cover the following criteria:
Soft and low (examples: Mahler 1st low tutti or Variation 8 of Strauss Don Quixote)
Soft and high (examples: Ravel G major piano concerto or Pavane)
Loud and low (examples: Shostakovich 5th low tutti or Variation 7 of Don Quixote)
Loud and high (examples: Beethoven 7th or Wagner Siegfried Call)

Full range (examples: openings of Ein Heldenleben or Till Eulenspiegel).
3. In addition, scales, sight-reading, and transposition will be tested.

Live audition dates are January 28, 30 and February 7, 2017

Any questions regarding your application can be directed to Geoffrey Scott

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