Master of Music in Percussion Performance

Richard Brown, faculty
Matthew Strauss, faculty


Live auditions will be held January 27, 28, 30 and February 10, 11 and 12, 2017

Please submit your Audition Profile Form.


Once it has been received, your audition will be scheduled. Please note that there may be times in the season when scheduling is backlogged. If you have not heard from us by January 6, 2017, please email us.

Required graduate live audition repertoire

» Two Marimba Solos: (One should be four-mallets and the other should be two-mallets)
- one contemporary solo
- one movement from any Bach Suite or Sonata (e.g. violin, cello, lute)

» Two Snare Drum Solos:
- one rudimental snare drum solo (e.g. Pratt, Tompkins)
- one concert snare drum solo (e.g. Delecluse, Lepak, Cirone, Peters advanced)

» One Timpani Solo (e.g. Carter, Hochrainer, Delecluse)

» Orchestral Excerpts:
- four snare drum
- four timpani
- four xylophone
- two glockenspiel
- one cymbals
- one tambourine

» Sight reading


Any questions regarding your audition can be directed to Phyllis Smith.