Current Projects - Spring 2017

Pianists Artem Kuznetsov, Andrew Boyle, Saetbyeol Kim, Sohee Kwon

We are presenting a series of musical performances of solo and collaborative piano music to help the audience understand key elements of instrumental music making at the piano. We have two different programs with different emphases: the first with a focus on the different musical character roles that a pianist plays, and the second illuminates the role of a pianist as collaborator, soloist, and accompanist. We will elaborate on these roles and show how they are shaped by the music that we perform.

Chloe Tula and Chloe Tardif: Harp and Violin

We are performing classical music that is accessible for all ages. We hope that the exposure to something new and familiar will be intriguing and uplifting to our audiences. We will also show interesting aspects about our instruments that entertain and create interest. Performances are at Texas Children’s Hospital, The Methodist Hospital, and the Houston Children’s Museum.

Frances Lee, Evie Chen, Erberk Eryılmaz, Jihyun Kim, Samuel Park: Inspirations of a Composer

Five Shepherd School DMA students team up to present and perform works within the context of a composer’s influences, intentions, and/or inspirations. They are sharing a behind-the-scenes perspective of the creative process with public audiences across Houston, with an emphasis on connecting with high school students.

Hannah Martineau, Viola: Community Connections

Community Connections will be a program consisting of new music written by Syrian-American composer Kareem Roustom who incorporates Middle Eastern musical traditions into his music. The program will be performed twice; once at the Syrian-American Club and once at Campbell Learning Center. My inspiration and motivation behind this project is to encourage collaboration between communities. Mr. Roustom’s music represents a common ground connecting the classical music world with Syrian-Americans living in Houston.

Nathan Watts for KINETIC

KINETIC launches its second season with the theme of Partnership. Inspired by community engagement experiences from the first season, which included support from the Richter Fund for Music Outreach we have added a Side-by-side Immersion Project as a core element of our second season. The Richter fund supports our commission of a new work by Alexandra Bryant, featured on our January program Sketches, and included in our workshops with Houston area public school string ensembles.

Will Overcash and Ben Roidl-Ward: Wolftone

Our project aims to open young minds by engaging them with contemporary ideas about music notation, interpretation, and improvisation. We have commissioned three new works for bassoon and violin by composers Peter Kramer, Zach Sheets, and Judy Jackson. We are also performing and presenting two twentieth-century works for solo violin and bassoon by Ysaÿe and Hersant, which will provide our program with ample contrast and show canonized composers using more standard notation to communicate new expressive ideas. Venues include Houston area high schools and the Archway Gallery.

Alexa Sangbin-Thomson, Viola Aotearoa: The Next Generation

I am presenting a selection of works for solo viola by New Zealand composers. New Zealand music is all relatively new, and representative of many key aspects of New Zealand as a country and culture. I give a lecture/series of stories alongside my performances to really convey the characteristics of New Zealand, its culture and its music, as well as touch on the process of creativity in music and the power that music has to connect with people all over the world, no matter their background. Performances are at Houston area community and retirement centers, hospitals and elementary schools.