Community Outreach & Just for U music program

Shepherd School of Music Outreach

JUMP coordinators (left to right) Hannah Martineau, viola; Renaud Boucher-Browning, double bass; and Emma Terrell, percussion.

Music and Expression

One could say that classical music is collaboration between three different groups of people. First, composers write music to express their emotions and ideas through a creative combination of expressive sounds. Then, performers pour their own emotions and ideas into the music as they interpret the composer’s intentions. Finally, each of you, as audience members, creates your own unique and personal connections with the music that we hope you will take with you into the world outside the concert hall. Classical music can be a powerful force for experiential learning, community building, and emotional discovery, but it cannot work its magic unless all three of these collaborators (including you!) are present. During the 2015-2016 year, the JUMP! outreach program at the Shepherd School of Music will explore what it means to express oneself through music. Music is our passion, but we will also explore other forms of expression like art, poetry, dance, and theater to see how they intersect at a common goal of cultural understanding.

Each year Shepherd School students coordinate JUMP! as an independent study course. In the process, they learn such valuable skills as concert programming, production, promotion, presentation and peer mentoring. 

All concerts are free of charge, but by reservation only. All six inreach concerts are scheduled for 1:00 p.m. on Thursday afternoons. For questions or reservations, contact us:

The inreach (in-house outreach concerts) concept was conceived by students and faculty from the wind chamber music class at the Shepherd School. Student coordinators soon expanded the program to include student performers from all departments at the school.

Rachel Buchman, head of the Young Children’s Division at the the Shepherd School, teaches participating students the special performing skills needed to create a fun and informative classical music experience. Other Shepherd School faculty coach the chamber music groups and advise student leaders on planning and administration.

Student coordinators find many benefits come from the JUMP! program. Sharing music with children is exciting, energizing, and brings a fresh perspective to their art. In addition to attending a free concert in the intimate setting of Duncan Recital Hall, some school groups include a campus tour in their visit to Rice.

For many, it is their first experience on a college campus. As one faculty member observed, “Who knows what dreams can come from these experiences? If even one or two children can be inspired to go to college, it will be worth it.”