Audition and placement for the Preparatory Program

For study with a faculty member of the Preparatory Program, the prospective student must audition for the specific teacher with whom he wishes to study.  Those arrangements are made directly with the teacher. Please see Preparatory Program Faculty for contact information.  Teachers usually maintain full studios and can only accept new students when an opening occurs.

Prospective string and piano students, who want to study with a graduate student, are required to audition for a place in the Preparatory Program.  Beginners who do not yet play will be given an evaluation/interview instead of an audition. Due to space constraints on campus, there is a limit to the total number of preparatory students allowed in the program.  The graduate student teachers also have a limit as to the number of preparatory students they can teach on premise.  The Preparatory Program cannot accept more preparatory students than the space allotted on campus.

Registration deadlines
The program sets registration deadlines to allow returning students to register first.  Once that deadline passes, all remaining openings are available for new students to audition until those openings are filled.  The Preparatory Program office organizes two auditions per year.  Auditions/interviews usually take place on a Saturday in mid-August for the fall term, and in mid-December or early January for the spring term.  New students are not accepted for the summer term since most of the teachers are not available during those months.  Auditions outside of the two Saturdays are also possible.  Please contact the Preparatory Program Office if you require to audition for a specific teacher outside of the two auditions dates mentioned above. Students who have filled out the interest form on the website will be contacted in advance of auditions and schedule a specific audition time.  An audition deposit of $30 is required in advance to hold the audition place.  This deposit is refunded at the audition. Should the student fail to appear at the correct time for the audition, the deposit is forfeited.

Students are encouraged to prepare at least two selections for the audition.  These should be selections the student feels best demonstrate what he/she has accomplished so far in music.  These do not have to be performed from memory.  Students should bring their music with them when they come for the audition.  Students will also be asked to demonstrate any technical routine they may practice.

Auditions for chamber music participation are held on the same day as those for prospective students and a $30 deposit is required.  This deposit is refunded at the audition unless the student fails to appear. 

Interest form and the waiting list
At times when the Preparatory Program has reached its full capacity, a waiting list is kept for students interested in private lessons.  Interested families must complete the interest form online to be placed on the waiting list.  The office maintains a log of the waiting list and contacts families during registration period and audition times.  Once the registration is completed and students are placed, the waiting list is deleted.  Therefore, families should not request to be on the waiting list until prior to the semester they are interested in enrolling their children.  Please be reminded that we do not begin to evaluate children in their readiness for private lesson instructions until age six.