Preparatory Program Performance Opportunities

The Michael P. Hammond Preparatory Program organizes a monthly recital during the academic year, from October through May, with the exception of April which is reserved for jury adjudications. All of these monthly recitals take place at Rice's prestigious Duncan Recital Hall on the weekend. Students whose chosen piece meet the School's standard for performance are nominated by their teachers to perform in the recital. It is possible for a student to perform in multiple Preparatory Program recitals per academic year. These recitals are free and open to public. Duncan Recital Hall is a professional and state of the art facility. Therefore, professional concert etiquette for both the performers and audience are strictly observed during these recitals.

The Preparatory Program also offers a jury process once a year. During a "jury," the student performs in front of multiple individuals, which usually consist at least his/her private instrument teacher and the Preparatory Program Administrator, and in some scenario, in front of live audience that may include their family, peers and the general public. The jury process provides an opportunity for the student to receive additional comments outside of their private lesson teacher. Jury also serves as an annual review of progress on their chosen instrument. Teachers may recommend a small panel jury for certain students while other students may opt for a performance/recital format to receive these comments. Students who have been studying private lessons for at least a full year are required to participate in the jury process. The Preparatory Program Administrator can grant exception for jury participation on a case-by-case basis. Jury comments are mailed to the students as well as to the teachers for review. Jury evaluations become part of the Preparatory Program students' permanent record.

The Preparatory Program also organizes at least two piano master classes per year in Stude Concert Hall. These master classes are free and open to the public. Preparatory Program students are featured at these master classes while Shepherd School of Music piano faculty members generally teach at these piano master classes. Please see the Preparatory Program calendar for these events and other special events offered through the program.