Bachelor of Music in Composition

Karim Al-Zand, faculty
Anthony Brandt, faculty
Shih-Hui Chen, faculty
Arthur Gottschalk, faculty
Pierre Jalbert, faculty
Richard Lavenda, faculty
Kurt Stallman, faculty

Online Submission of your portfolio is due December 1

1. Composers must submit a portfolio of compositions that is representative of their work to date. An audio recording can be uploaded with your compositions to the Dropbox. The green icon labeled "Preliminary Dropbox" at the bottom of this page will lead you to the Rice University portal for Acceptd, an online repository for preliminary audition materials. There is a $24 fee to use this service.

2. To establish the applicant's musical ability and background, applicants must also demonstrate proficiency on a musical instrument by submitting an audio recording with a performance by the applicant of two contrasting works from the standard repertoire.

You will be notified by the Music Admissions Office if your portfolio has passed the preliminary round. A visit to the campus should be scheduled during late January or early February.

Any questions regarding your application may be directed to Phyllis Smith.

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