Bachelor of Music in Music History

Walter Bailey, faculty
Gregory Barnett, faculty
David Ferris, faculty
Alexandra Kieffer, faculty
Peter Loewen, faculty

In addition to the Rice University application, the following materials are required of Music History applicants by December 1, 2017.


The green icon labeled “Preliminary Dropbox” at the bottom of this page will lead you to the Rice University portal for Acceptd, an online repository for preliminary audition materials. There is a $24 fee to use this service.

  • A writing sample (preferably a substantial paper on a musical topic, but an English or History paper is acceptable).
  • A statement addressing why the applicant wants to study music history
  • An audio file of a movement from the standard repertoire played with accompaniment.

Although it is not required, we strongly recommend that applicants visit Rice and meet with the musicology faculty in person. This is arranged by email with Geoffrey Scott.

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