Young Children's Division

Our early childhood music classes are based on the Dalcroze principle of experience before symbol. Movement in response to music and development of discerning listening skills are the basis for musical understanding, and are a necessary component of musicianship. Classes, which are led by Rachel Buchman and her graduate student assistants, meet on a weekly basis. Class size is limited to ten children per class, and children are enrolled only when the full tuition has been paid. Registration for these classes is a commitment for the whole academic year, and priority is given to returning students.

Young Children's Division classes are energetic, educational and joyful, for music-loving children ages 2-9. Classes created by Rachel Buchman are based on the eurhythmics principles and teaching philosophy of Emile Jaques-Dalcroze. Miss Rachel and her team of trained Brown Fellow Graduate Students, bring the world of music alive through age-appropriate singing and ear-training, eurhythmics and creative movement, percussion and piano improvisation, learning about instrument families, listening to and learning about orchestral music, and notation. In a creative, relaxed environment, children explore fundamentals such as dynamics, tempo, pitch, rhythm, phrasing, and form, while expressing their own musical feelings and ideas through singing, playing and moving. The classes integrate theatre and visual art elements, as well. These classes are highly recommended for children taking instrumental lessons, as well as those who might do so.

Rachel Buchman
Young Children's Division
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About Enrollment

All places have been filled. We are not offering a class for two year olds this year. If you have already filled out an interest form, there is nothing else you need to do. If you want to give us additional information, please fill out another interest form.

Classes in the Young Children's Division begin when a child is two. Most children who begin at two continue through the program from year to year, as a child would continue through grades in school. Each year of music learning builds upon concepts taught the previous year. When there is an opening, we offer it to a sibling of a child already in the program. Any additional openings are offered to children who have demonstrated that they are able to participate at the same level as the children in the ongoing class. These children are usually selected from music camp rosters of past years. If the place is not filled by a sibling or a music camp participant, those who have contacted our office are contacted. Registration is once a year, in the fall only. There is no open registration for the Young Children's Division. There is no waiting list. Registration is by invitation only. If you would like your child to be considered, please fill out an interest form.

We will not be offering the summer music day camps.