Shepherd School Alumni

Shepherd School Alumni

In less than 40 years, the Shepherd School of Music has established itself within the top echelon of music institutions across the country. Our reach extends to all corners of the globe, as Shepherd students and alumni can be found across the world performing, teaching, and inspiring future generations of musicians.

Hanover Survey

The Shepherd School would like to thank our first one hundred alumni who recently completed the Hanover Research survey designed to seek ways to enhance the quality of our students’ experience here and further strengthen their ability to achieve their career goals. These alumni will receive a one-year honorary membership to The Shepherd Society and will be recognized in our 2017-2018 Shepherd Society brochure. 

We have also arranged for a scholarship, named the Shepherd School Alumni Prize, be given to a Shepherd student in 2017-2018. Awarding this Prize reflects the combine, generous contribution of all our alumni who completed the survey. This prize will also be listed in the 2017-2018 Shepherd Society printed membership brochure.

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Please limit news items to professional activities that occurred no more than twelve months prior to the submission.  Items may be edited for length and content.  If your item(s) includes names other than your own, please include to the best of your knowledge whether the other people are also Shepherd School alumni.  Photos may also be submitted, but usage is not guaranteed.  Proceed to the contact form.