Master’s Recital

Anna Thompson, Soprano

Anna Thompson

Duncan Recital Hall at Alice Pratt Brown Hall
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12:30pm CT

This recital is given in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Music. Anna Thompson is a student of Nova Thomas.

Free, general admission


Assisted by Nino Sanikidze, Piano

Franz Liszt: S'il est un charmant gazon, S 284 
Comment, disaient-ils, S 276
Enfant, si j’étais roi, S 283
Oh, quand je dors, S 282

Claude Debussy: Apparition L. 53, CD 57 
En sourdine L. 28, CD 42 (1862-1918)
La Romance d'Ariel, L. 58


Richard Strauss: Drei Lieder der Ophelia, Op. 67 
     Wie erkenn’ ich mein Treulieb vor andern nun?
     Guten Morgen, ‘s ist Sankt Valentinstag
     Sie trugen ihn auf der Bahre bloß

John Harbison: Mirabai Songs 
     It’s True, I Went to the Market
     All I Was Doing Was Breathing
     Why Mira Can’t Go Back to Her Old House
     Where Did You Go?
     Don’t Go, Don’t Go


Duncan Recital Hall at Alice Pratt Brown Hall