Peter Loewen

Peter V. Loewen is Associate Professor of musicology specializing in Medieval and Renaissance music. His research interests concern vernacular song, religious drama, intellectual history, music and preaching, and the Franciscans. Professor Loewen is the author of Music in Early Franciscan Thought (Brill, 2013), and co-editor of Mary Magdalene in the Middle Ages: Conflicted Roles (Routledge, 2014 ). His articles have appeared in The English Province of the Franciscans (1224-c.1350) (Brill, 2016), the Oxford Bibliographies (2016), the Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology (2013), From the Margins 2: Women of the New Testament and their Afterlives (Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2009), Comparative Drama (Fall 2008), Speculum Sermonis: Interdisciplinary Reflections on the Medieval Sermon (Brepols, 2004), Speculum (July 2007), co-authored with Robin Waugh, and Franciscan Studies (2002). His current research projects involve music in early Franciscan practice, the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch and Franciscan Song in Pre-Reformation Europe, St. Bonaventure’s theology of music, and the English songs contained in the Commonplace Book of William Herebert OFM.

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Peter Loewen , Associate Professor of Musicology
B.M. (1987) University of Manitoba; M.M. (1990) University of Southern California; Ph.D. (2000) University of Southern California
1207 Alice Pratt Brown Hall