Hire a Shepherd School of Music Musician

Thank you for your interest in the Shepherd School! The Shepherd School offers a referral service for individuals, organizations, and businesses who would like to hire Shepherd School of Music students to perform.


  1. Complete the gig request form.
  2. The request will be reviewed by The Shepherd School of Music Administration.
  3. If students are available, you will receive an email connecting you with the group's leader. From there, you will communicate with the student(s) to finalize performance details.
  4. Student(s) arrive on the day of the event and perform. 


Due to student availability, transportation, etc., the Shepherd School cannot guarantee that a request will be filled. Additionally, due to summer break, student availability is especially limited in May, June, and July.

Please note: The Shepherd School Musician base rate is $125 per performer with a minimum of one hour. Additional fees may apply for movement of large instruments (eg. harp, percussion equipment, significant travel, extra rehearsals, etc.)


Note: If requesting a pianist please indicate if there is a tuned piano available at the venue. 
Please note: A minimum of one hour is required.
Please note: A minimum of one hour is required.
Please provide the address of the performance
Share about your organization, the purpose of the event or project, and any contextual details that will help us find you the right match!